About all this...

Hi there. Thank you for visiting, I hope you enjoy your stay, etc.

About me

I'm Matt Wilson. Professionally, I've been an software engineer of varying levels of seniority for 15+ years, mostly working in the video game industry at WB Games New York.[[1]] You can reach me at mhw-at-hypomodern-dot-com.

I build solid, iron-clad, scalable online services used by millions of gamers. If you'd like to know more about that, I have an occasionally updated linkedin profile. I also have a github account, but there's not a lot of public activity there, as open-source work requires a lot of legal department overhead.

If you, for whatever reason, want to see a resumé, you can do so here:

Twin Pines

I am also a hobbyist woodworker over at Twin Pines Workshop.

About this site

So what's the story with the site here? For various reasons, a little bit ago life told me that it needed me to start making some different moves. I've always intended to write more. I used to write more. People who have mentored me in life have consistently told me that I write well and should write more. I always told them I'd get around to it one day. Starting in midsummer 2023, "one day" is here.

This is my outlet. It's where I collect thoughts, ideas, and passing fancies. I don't know or particularly care if anyone ever reads it, but I need to put words to virtual paper.

[[1]]: I am reminded to inform you that this is my personal space and nothing here represents the official views of my employer.